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Updated: Aug 16, 2019

In the Born 2 Sing Kids Sequence, the 5 stages of a voice lesson help to create lesson structure. If you are new to my blog I invite you to read through my previous posts. The sequence format is based on the main topics that I feel should be addressed consistently with young singers. Children in the voice studio learn better when they have a diversity of activities to explore. This not only helps to keep short attention spans occupied, but it also helps to introduce the many facets required to learn singing proficiency.  In my last blog post I outlined the first stage, which is “warm-ups.”

The second stage to be covered in the Born 2 Kids Sequence is respiration. Learning proper breathing techniques is a central focal point for every singer. The earlier a singer can begin to understand how the breathing mechanism aids in singing, the better.

Children in the age range of 6-12 years old can effectively learn breathing techniques. Some of the biggest challenges that a teacher can face with young singers are related to coordination and control. 

As a young singer develops, their lung capacity and physical coordination will steadily grow. Getting young singers to feel the expansion in their torso and breathing without heaving into their shoulders is one of my main objectives. I also like to use easy body movements to help with physical coordination.