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Learning Together:

Online Singing Class for Kids
+ Teacher Training

Next Teacher Training: TBA

Do you want to learn how to work with kids in group classes AND gain more insight in how to teach singing to children?


Are you looking to observe voice lessons in real time and see how a veteran teacher works with kids in the moment?


If so, then this training is for you!

Online Voice Lesson

Learning Together is a hybrid offering which combines an online group singing class for kids ages 6-10 with teacher training for those who wish to gain skills working with this age group. 


Participants will observe how Dana implements teaching strategies and delivers her lesson plans to a group of young singers over the course of a 6-week singing class. Following each group singing observation, teachers will discuss the methods used and have an opportunity to work with Dana on  their own teaching and studio questions. The program will also include additional teaching and studio resources, training modules, and step-by-step lesson planning for lessons and classes.

Space will be limited to maximize individual attention for teachers.


4:00 - 6:00 PM ET (Eastern)

  • Six 2-hour sessions

  • Observation of an online group singing class for kids ages 6-10 in real time (first hour)

  • Interactive discussion and teacher training after each group singing session (second hour)

  • All sessions will be on Zoom and will be recorded

  • Training videos on creating and teaching group classes

Registration: $350

  • Gain confidence in how to work with children in lessons

  • Observe how to navigate online group teaching in real time

  • Get coaching around your specific teaching and studio questions

  • Become organized by creating lesson plans

  • Learn how to implement singing techniques for children

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