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Teaching Children to Sing Can Be a Rewarding and Valuable Experience IF  You Have the Right Methods

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In Teaching the Child Singer, you'll learn:

  • The #1 Myth about teaching children voice lessons and technique (and what to do about it)

  • How to use the exact system Dana Lentini created to build and pace lessons so that children stay engaged and have fun - while still learning the fundamentals of singing

  • How to choose rich and diverse repertoire that is appropriate and inspiring for young singers, based on different ages and stages of singing 

  • Addressing puberty, emotional development, learning differences, group lessons, and much, much more!

Digital and Softcover editions available

What People Are Saying

"Teaching the Child Singer is commendable. The curriculum is structured, organized, and incremental; moreover, it is based upon the spiral model of learning, a standard and successful pedagogic paradigm used across disciplines. Lentini exhibits thorough knowledge of the prepubescent voice, familiarity with repertoire considerations, and deep understanding of the abilities and needs of children. It is an invaluable resource for those who teach singing to children."
- Journal of Singing, National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS)

"...not only insightful but pleasurable to read...a handy, all-in-one resource, in particular, for the new voice teacher who is working to quickly get up to speed with new trends in the field of pediatric pedagogy."
- American Music Teacher magazine, Music Teachers National Association
"Such a good read! Keeps proving useful for working with kids. Has really organized and energized how I teach."
- GoodReads Reviewer

"This is a great companion to other pedagogy books and should be reviewed by all teachers of young students."
- Amazon Reviewer

"An excellent book. Every vocal teacher should have a copy! Well written, sections well divided, clear and easy to understand, extremely valuable information for vocal teachers."
- Amazon Reviewer

"So helpful and easy to read! A great resource for every vocal coach/teacher!"
- Amazon Reviewer

"[This book] is an excellent resource for those working with this age group in the private studio, and I think it would also be valuable to those who teach K-8 music classes. Dana explains how to communicate technical aspects to children in a way that they can understand."
- Amazon Reviewer

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About the Author


Dana Lentini is passionate about teaching the art of singing to people of all ages. She began her professional work in music as a successful classical singer, but along the way she would find herself in circumstances that led her to share music with children. As someone who had been told that children shouldn’t take voice lessons, Dana began an educational journey to learn about how the art and science of singing might be effectively applied to young singers. After cultivating techniques during her time teaching K-6 general music and directing children’s choirs, she combined her education experiences and vocal pedagogy knowledge to create Born 2 Sing Kids™, a voice program designed to nurture the development of beginning singers ages 5-13. A noted pedagogue and expert in teaching methodologies for this age group, her articles and podcasts have been distributed worldwide. 


Dana holds a Bachelor of Music degree in vocal performance from the University of Southern California and a Master of Music degree in vocal pedagogy from Oakland University. In addition to her work with Born 2 Sing Kids, she has served as a member of the voice faculty in the Preparatory Department of the College Conservatory of Music (CCM) at the University of Cincinnati and in the Department of Music at The College of New Jersey. In recognition of her excellence in teaching, Dana was a 2018 recipient of the Joan Frey Boytim Award for Independent Teachers, presented by the National Association of Teachers of Singing (NATS).  

When she is not teaching and writing about her studio strategies for young singers, Dana enjoys physical activities like running, yoga, and Pilates and spending time with her husband and three wonderful children, all of whom share her love of the performing arts.

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