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Fill your studio and become a young singer authority with this new resource!

Do you want to know how to increase your studio size and gain more knowledge regarding the aspects of working with children in the private studio?

When teachers welcome pre-adolescent singers to the private studio, there are many advantages for both the teacher and singers, including longer student retention in the studio and better-trained singers (without having to "undo" long-held habits) as they advance through the years.

There are many myths regarding teaching the child singer, and some of the typical ones I have heard are proven to be untrue. In my book Teaching the Child Singer: Pediatric Pedagogy for Ages 5-13, you will gain an in-depth knowledge of the reasons we came to accept these myths and where they may have originated.

The book will also provide voice teachers with an understanding of the many attributes and characteristics regarding the child singer, from physical differences to emotional and cognitive differences.

Children are not mini-adults and need their own pedagogy, not just a pint-sized lesson time.

When you can differentiate between children and adults by creating a specialized curriculum just for your young singers, you can become the go-to teacher in your area for this age group!

Teachers need to learn how to structure the voice lesson so that it is both fun and productive. Confidence in teaching can come from having an excellent method in place. In my book, I lay out a five-step system for achieving integrated and engaging teaching strategies.