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Sing Me a Song

Updated: Aug 5, 2019

For those of you who have been following my blog this past year, I have been tracing out the 5 stages of the Born 2 Sing Kids Sequence. If you are new to my blog, WELCOME, and I encourage you to look back through my old posts to gain a deeper understanding of my mission. When working with really young singers, the pacing of a lesson is the essence of good teaching. The Born 2 Sing Kids Sequence is based on five stages of technical aspects that I focus on with each young student (under the age of 12). The sequence helps keep the pacing of the lesson intact while reaching the goals for success in learning age appropriate technical skills. The technical aspects that I cover include: attention to body, breath, ear training and theory, vocal warm-ups, and repertoire. The sequence offers a variety of exercises in each category to engage and inspire young singers.  My previous posts have covered the first 4 stages of the sequence.

The fifth and last stage of each lesson and the “icing on the cake” is always the stage at which a singer gets to apply their newly acquired skills by performing a song. After formulating a strong foundation in musical and vocal technique, it is time to soar into learning repertoire. "Repertoire" is the last stage of the Born 2 Sing Kids Sequence and is saved for last as a way to tie all of the skills together. Performing songs is the goal every singer hopes to achieve.

Let’s Sing Songs! I break down the learning process of new songs into four main areas of focus:

  • learning notes

  • learning text

  • understanding breath-management

  • expression

When I first introduce a student to learning the notes of a new song, whether it is a “new-to-them” tune or a familiar tune with a different arrangement, I have the student take the melody alone and make it into a vocalise. I usually have the singer try it out on a kazoo, lip trill, or a simple unvoiced consonant/vowel combination, depending on where the tessitura of the song lies.