Through a systematic approach, singers learn the foundations for a healthy singing technique that will support them throughout their lives. Born 2 Sing Kids offers a positive, nurturing environment where kids can learn to grow and express their voice. 

Lessons are offered for kids ages 5 and older, as well as for adults!

About Voice Lessons for Young Kids

Often it is said that young kids shouldn’t take private voice lessons: Many well-intentioned experts recommend choral and group singing as the only means for children to learn singing proficiency. While choral singing is a great experience for kids and offers a broad understanding of good singing techniques, what it doesn’t offer is the opportunity for singers to recognize their own uniqueness.
Private lessons offer the young singer freedom to uncover their own personal growth and ability.
Under the guidance of a well-educated and knowledgeable vocal expert, these experiences can be a wonderful opportunity to explore their own range of singing possibilities!

Born 2 Sing Kids Structure

Lesson/class structure is based around a solid curriculum configuration. Most young students do not have the attention and ability to stand up straight and sing at a piano for 30-45 minutes at a time. Born 2 Sing Kids offers a 5-step system that is customized based on the singer's age, experience level, and vocal ability. This system offers a variety of exercises in each step to consistently engage and inspire young singers.

In the Words of Students & Parents

Mrs. Lentini has not only taught me to sing better but to look at singing differently. She has taught me to sing professionally and to use my singing ability to the best it can be. I used to sing with my chest voice which would make it hard for me to go higher but now I learned when to use my chest voice and when to use my head voice. I can now sing pretty high. She also showed me that singing is not only to use your voice, but to use your brain. Instead of just singing the song, think about what it is saying and how to show what you think to your audience. She tells me to connect with the song and paint my words. Now when I sing a song, I sing it from the heart. 

 - Rhoda N. (student)

Mukund has always loved music since he was a baby, and singing along with popular music was a daily routine.  As he grew, he was ready to improve his skills and learn the nuances to be a better singer.  We had heard great things about Ms. Lentini and when we first met her we were very impressed with the work she was doing with budding singers in her Born 2 Sing Kids program.  It was not just a singing lesson, but a holistic approach with a well rounded curriculum enhanced by her own innovate and novel teaching techniques.  We are very happy to have made the decision to have Mukund train with Ms. Lentini.  She has instilled focus, dedication, and appreciation for all genres of music in him in the past year.  We look forward to a future filled with love and appreciation for music for Mukund as he continues to work with Ms. Lentini. 

- Sudha S. (parent)

Dana Lentini was my voice teacher for several years a couple of years ago, and I would still be taking lessons from her had she not moved away with her family. I am now a retired History Professor, in my late 60s when I studied with Dana, and she was the first teacher who really worked with me on technique and helped me enormously.  I loved the weekly sessions, recorded them on my iPhone, and used them to practice over the course of the next week.  Dana was helpful, respectful, thoughtful, and worked with me at the level at which I found myself.  Though I had had intermittent lessons before with other teachers, this was the first time I had a real sense of improvement, and it was gratifying to learn what I had never understood before. Dana had me doing exercises, and then singing songs, and was particularly helpful in helping me prepare for folk music concerts when I performed with my group. She clearly has the ability to work with people young and old, and does a marvelous job!

- Allan W. (adult student)

Singing with Mrs. Dana Lentini was truly a remarkable experience. Not only did she transform my vocal range and ability, but enhanced by breathing techniques and taught me strategies, life lessons and confidence that I would not have learned elsewhere. Her talents go beyond her vocal ability - she has a gift in teaching and connecting with her students.

- Bella S. (student)

Born 2 Sing Kids

5-Step System


Mind -Body

The instrument for a singer is very personal and is affected by the student's cognitive processing, physiology, and environment - essentially, everything! Singers build confidence and awareness about the body so they can produce sound that is easy and uninhibited.


Breath and Alignment

Singers continue to study awareness about how to coordinate posture and how to command the breath in order to support the voice.



Singers learn the foundations of music theory, aural skills, rhythmic coordination, harmony, and pitch accuracy to build powerful, meaningful connection to the music as well as performance skills.



Through fun, exploratory exercises, singers learn a cross-training approach that incorporates resonance, register, and articulation, which also supports confidence in speaking and health sound production.



Singers learn a variety of repertoire to broaden their musical aptitude by exploring various techniques, styles, and genres.

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is right for you?

Dana Lentini demonstrates unparalleled expertise in teaching children and fostering the development of each student's voice. Through engaging techniques, she is able to encourage a feeling of success, along with cultivating self-confidence, poise, and overall stage presence. She brings out the best in her students and provides the opportunity for continued growth as young vocalists. Her professionalism, knowledge, and ability to connect with students makes Dana a sought after vocal instructor."

- Laura K. (parent)

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