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Updated: Aug 5, 2019

Singing is the most fundamental way to make music. How can voice teachers share technical advice with even the youngest and most rudimentary students, while keeping the “fun” in fundamental? The essential ingredient for teaching young singers is to lay a strong foundation. Laying a good foundation in technical singing skills for even the tiniest singer does not mean that the young singer will be working on formant tuning, loud belting or advanced resonance strategies. It does mean that the young singer will learn how their voice works and how they can understand sensations and the changes they can make in their own instrument.

There are lots of great technical exercises that kids can enjoy while learning how their voice works. To make it fun and meaningful, I like to use props in my studio. A basket on my piano holds all kinds of fun gadgets. Some of the toys I use are scarves, kazoos, straws, and resistance bands, to name just a few. 

These particular gadgets are used to directly h