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New to teaching kids? Want ideas to inspire your current teaching?

Looking for a way to structure your lessons without pouring all of your free time into planning?

Dana's proven lesson plans to save you time and energy, inspire your teaching, and engage your students - all while having fun!

Singing Kids' Songbook: Lesson Plan Package 1

Lesson Plan Package 1.png

Lesson Plan Package 1 supports the first five songs in Dana's newly released Singing Kids' Songbook.

This package contains a detailed written plan for the first lesson on each song, including:

  • Main Objectives

  • Lesson Curriculum for each of the steps in Dana's 5-Step System customized to support the song repertoire and activity pages

  • Materials List

  • Practice Assignment

  • Suggestions for the second lesson and beyond

  • A fillable electronic Lesson Assessment PDF you can use to take notes and create a record for your self and / or your student

  • Lesson Tips videos for each song, led by Dana

Lesson plans and instructional videos for

I Am a Robot


Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star


and Lavender's Blue,

created by songbook author

Dana Lentini!

Dana's easy to follow lesson plans provide both structure and flexibility, ensuring that each lesson is adaptable to your student's ability level.


Furthermore, You'll learn how to:

  • Use the Songbook's progressive approach to help your young singer build confidence, musicianship, and technical skills

  • Structure your lessons in a way that keeps them feeling fast-paced for you and engaging for your students

  • Use activities and song themes to encourage at-home practice between lessons

  • 39$

Singing Kids' Songbook: Lesson Plan Package 1

Includes unlimited access to instructional videos and digital downloads

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