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Who is The Singing Kids’ Songbook For?

My newest book, the Singing Kids’ Songbook, is going to be available this week, and I couldn’t be more excited! I have wanted to create a songbook like this for a long time, and to see it come to fruition is a dream come true. This release is Level 1 of the series, which is for our youngest and/or beginning singers.

That doesn’t really tell you enough, however… this is not just a book of songs. It is a progressive, scaffolded approach to learning songs using a wide variety of genres, singing techniques, musical concepts. It comes with text-only pages, lead-sheet style pages with melody and text only, full accompaniment pages with chord symbols, and activity pages - all designed to simplify the process while engaging young and beginning singers!

If you’ve read my book Teaching the Child Singer, you know that I speak about the different ages and stages of young singers. It’s really important for us to remember that not all kids are at the same place developmentally, regardless of age.

The singers who recorded the songs from this book are in the age range of 5-13 and all vary in their stage of abilities. Some kids are going through puberty and need a little extra help with register shifts and tuning of pitches. While some kids may be younger and have secure singing techniques but need more guidance with physical and cognitive development in developing and our younger singers might need more help with reading and processing certain information. You might have a singer who’s already very advanced and singing really well, but is brand new to the techniques of singing or musicianship concepts.

Beginning students of all ages can benefit from this songbook because they can learn new concepts through familiar songs