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New Year, New Goals

This past year has been one to remember for sure. One filled with the usual ups and downs, and many of the downs we felt with mutual and universal understanding.

It is hard to stay on track with a global pandemic wreaking havoc in so many lives. One thing that has kept me motivated through these challenges is my tenacity for slow and steady progress towards my goals. Goal setting is a huge part of what I do for myself, my family, my singers, and the teachers I mentor. I am the proprietor of my success, and I believe setting intentions is the best way to achieve progress.

I am the proprietor of my own success

One of my most significant accomplishments this past year was the release of my book. I actually can’t believe such a dream could come true! I still am in awe and a bit of disbelief by accomplishing such a task.

Growing up, I would never have imagined that I, the little sister to three big and commanding brothers, could raise my voice in such a way as to be heard without screaming. But it happened, and I want to thank all of my readers and fellow voice teachers who follow my work with excitement and encouragement. The book has already sold over 1100 copies in less than six months - that in itself is a considerable triumph to me, and something I could never have accomplished without a fantastic community of singing friends and colleagues who support my efforts.

One of those colleagues who cheers me on and co-moderates with me in our