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How to Empower Parents, One Singer at a Time

Greetings inspiring teachers,

I hope your new academic calendar is off and running, or if you have already been in motion without pause, I hope you are ready for some inspiration to add to your productivity!

Teachers often ask me: How we can get our students to practice more, and how we constitute growth in the young singer?

My answer is not based on encouraging more hours of repetition and practicing; it’s grounded in the belief that singers will practice when inspired to work toward growth and change.

I have created a few handouts (like this one) that promote a growth mindset for young singers.

Over the years, I have witnessed a combination of gifts and talents in my young singers. Some students come with a beautiful ability to emote naturally with gracious gestures that are seamless and natural, but they may lag in musical or vocal coordination. In comparison, some singers come with exceptional vocal coordination beyond their years but perhaps lack expressive singing qualities or movement. Then some “have it all,” but are plagued with negative self-talk or unrealistic expectations placed on themselves.