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Learning Together:

Online Singing Class for Kids

Does your child love to sing?

Online singing classes are an opportunity for your young singer to explore and discover singing from the comfort of your own home! For ages 6-10, singing classes promote healthy vocal techniques and basic performance etiquette. Singers will focus on solo singing, presentation, and musicianship.

There is no prerequisite for skill level - learning singing skills benefits ALL children, as it is a way for them to explore and learn to love their own unique voice. It’s a wonderful way for kids to gain confidence, focus, and musical skills while also having fun!

Online Voice Lesson



4:00 - 5:00 PM ET (Eastern)

  • Six 1-hour sessions

  • Solo singing skills, musicianship, and performance skills

  • Singers will work on three assigned songs and will have the opportunity to perform one song during the last session

  • All sessions will be on Zoom and singers will have access to recordings for easy practice and review

Tuition: $190 (includes music and supplies for each student)

Note: Dana will also be concurrently running a teacher training to help other voice teachers learn how to become effective, empowering teachers of children. These teachers will be allowed to silently observe classes. Teachers in training will be off camera and will not affect any portion of this class. 

This is your child’s chance to learn in a supportive, collaborative environment with Dana Lentini, internationally-recognized child singer expert and author of Teaching the Child Singer. Dana will be hosting this class for a small number of enthusiastic young singers alongside a global cohort of observing voice teachers who wish to learn more about teaching kids.

Dana's virtual classes are a highly successful way for children to learn and grow without the added hassle of leaving home during high traffic hours after school. Kids love Dana's classes because her teaching methods are designed specifically for young singers. Her families love them because they are typically already over-scheduled, and this saves them lots of time. 

This is a 6-session class. Enrollment will be very limited to maximize individual attention given to the singers. Classes typically fill quickly, and you must be registered to reserve a space in the class for your child.

Voice lessons allow kids to discover their own unique voice, encouraging them to love their own sound and to be themselves. These online classes are a unique opportunity for kids to become more confident in self-expression while developing healthy vocal habits.

Next Session TBA

Contact Dana if you are interested in online group lessons!

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