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The Art of Singing  for kids and young adults

Born 2 Sing Kids is a boutique studio program designed to teach and nurture the love of singing for young kids. Young student expert Dana Lentini utilizes a technique-based approach rooted in the belief that singing can be learned and enjoyed by all.

Young singers age 5 and older can learn a healthy way of singing that is also fun!


Through a systematic, customized approach, young singers learn the foundations for a healthy singing technique that will support them throughout their lives. Born 2 Sing Kids offers a positive, nurturing environment where kids can learn to grow and express their voice.


Born 2 Sing Kids offers unique public performance opportunities where young singers can showcase their talents and experience the practical application of performance craft. Singers have performed in studio recitals, competitions, and at community events.



Choosing a voice teacher is an important decision, as a voice teacher's skills, language, and behavior serves as a model for learning and  appreciating music. We want to ensure that  your child and Born 2 Sing Kids are a good potential match for each other. 


What makes Born 2 Sing Kids different?

Often it is said that kids shouldn’t take private voice lessons: Many well-intentioned experts recommend choral and group singing as the only means for children to learn singing proficiency, pushing their individual learning to instruments like piano and violin. While choral singing is a great experience for kids and offers a broad understanding of good singing techniques, what it doesn’t offer is the opportunity for singers to recognize their own uniqueness.

Private voice lessons offer the young singer freedom to uncover their own personal growth and ability. And unlike other instruments, children use their voice all day every day - why not help them learn how to use it in a healthy manner, with techniques designed just for their age and ability? Under the guidance of a well-educated and knowledgeable vocal expert, these experiences can be a wonderful opportunity to explore their own range of singing possibilities!

More than

just a hobby

Research has proven that structured music lessons can positively affect all areas of child development, including higher academic performance, cognitive and memory skills, confidence, focus, self-expression, language and listening skills, task completion, enhanced creativity, and so much more. To see if Born 2 Sing Kids is right for your singer, click the button below and apply for a space in the studio!


As a high schooler preparing to audition for colleges, taking lessons with Mrs. Lentini was the single most beneficial thing I could have done. She offers a nurturing environment where students of every age and skill level feel comfortable exploring and improving their voice. Many opportunities were given to me while I was taking lessons from her, including competitions, recitals, and flexibility with lesson times to accommodate a busy schedule. She is not only very knowledgeable, but is able to communicate that knowledge in a way that the student can understand and relate to their own personal experiences. She is an outstanding teacher, and I recommend her to anyone interested in voice lessons.

- Olivia L. (student)

I could not be more happy about our experience with Dana. What Frida likes more about her is the way she can connect with her and guide her on her learning experience. Dana has the gift of finding ways to connect with her students and get them to try things they didn't think they could do. As a result Frida has become a more confident singer and she knows that the only way she can improve is by stretching herself a bit more every time. Dana is the kind of teacher that provides the right environment for kids to safely try and fail and don't feel about that. 

- Guillermo P. (parent)

My daughter, now 18 years old, started going to Dana when she was 15. She has been a vocal performer since the age of 12 and had done some damage to her vocal cords and eventually had to have surgery. We were referred to Dana from a fellow musician and she has NEVER disappointed! Her knowledge of vocal health and how to use the instrument is beyond anything we had encountered. She was a constant source of knowledge, support, encouragement, and a crucial part of my daughters growth. She challenged her in areas of life that she needed to be challenged in, and she constantly pushed her in the right direction for vocal health and for the growth of her future in musical theatre. Dana has so many contacts and guided our daughter into some amazing opportunities that she otherwise would not have had. We are forever grateful for the impact that Dana has had on our daughter. She is now in NYC pursuing a dream of musical theatre and we can very confidently say that it is due to Dana’s influence that she has the confidence to embark on this journey. We are forever grateful for Dana, her talents and her love for kids and music.

- Phyllis B. (parent)

Born 2 Sing Kids

In the Words of Students & Parents


Born 2 Sing Kids currently offers consulting and courses for teachers and virtual voice lessons throughout the US.


For questions or to request a free Meet and Greet Zoom call for you and your young singer, use the form below.


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